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Bad ass corvettes

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When I wrote this post, I wasn't talking about the car itself. It's the Corvette culture. I'm a Union fuck making ok money. I found him in Facebook. Buying a used car is like reusing a condom you found. Only posers drive vettes. Crappy cars, crappy culture, ignorant anal owners.

bad ass corvettes bad ass corvettes


Win Both Corvettes!

Can't believe I wasted my time reading this. It has nothing to do with Corvettes but a burned out car salesman who just sucks. Nothing wrong with a Corvette, each to their own. Corvette or any sports car is a small crowd that can afford them. They usually pay cash and don't waste time talking to a salesman. They know what they want. This article has everything to do with dreamers versus doers.
bad ass corvettes bad ass corvettes

9 Bad-Ass Examples of Black Wheels on the C5 Corvette

When it comes to classic American sports car, one car comes to mind, the Chevrolet Corvette. The first generation set the bar for all the Corvettes that would follow. They offered great styling, decent performance, and a fun driving experience. Thankfully it came with a manual gearbox and not the slushbox, which should make it considerably more fun to drive. The interior looks good and should be usable just as is, but it could use new carpets. We normally prefer the C1 in contrasting colors, but we like the looks of this color combination just as it is. The seller claims the chrome and stainless pieces are all there and look good for their age, which is a huge plus, as these pieces can get expensive to replace or restore.
bad ass corvettes bad ass corvettes


bad ass corvettes bad ass corvettes

Barn Classic: 1962 Corvette

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